We are all water

We are proposing the formation of a community of communities of people that wish to learn how to become more rain garden, rain scaping and rain harvesting systems savvy…

Do you want to install RAIN garden landscape in your garden or in a local community space?
Do you have water problems in your garden, a wet basement, need a downspout disconnect?
Are you already working on a project?
Are you a landscaper who would like to learn more?
Are you passionate about food and water issues, biodiversity, healing the earth?

Then the RAIN Garden Landscaper community includes you:)

Right now our community includes:

Toronto Green Community
RAIN Community Solutions

Landscape Interns with funding provided by Miziwe Biik:

A network of ecological landscapers with expertise in installing rain gardens, soakaway pits, downspout disconnect, water harvesting, edible gardening,food forests, permaculture, pollinator gardens, garden design with local ecosystems in mind, and much more.

Helen Mills, Andrew Roy, Gillian Leitch, Dmitri?, David Moreno, Tamara Walker, Gary Perreira, ????

We have joinded together with Toronto Green and the other partners to support the further development of Blue Green water friendly landscaping. By working together and sharing knowledge widely we hope to help build the capacity of the Landscape Industry for Low Impact Development.

Our expert advisors:

RAIN Community Solutions
Rivercourt Engineering
Jen Hill PhD Candidate University of Toronto Faculty of Engineering etc
Nelson Wong, Architect
Greening your Grounds Program of the Toronto Region Conservation Authority.
Naadmaagit Ki Group (NKG) https://naadmaagitki.wordpress.com/

Toronto Green Community – Since