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Our Fragile Planet: Flowing Water, Flooding, and Gardens for the Rain

Come find out about the Lost Rivers of Ward 13 and RAINscapeTO.

100 years ago in Ward 13 several little creeks flowed from an ancient sandbar (near the Stockyards) into Humber Bay. Today the creeks are buried under curving streets with steep ravine sides, and come above ground only in High Park – or sometimes in our basements!
In this workshop you will discover your personal Lost River, find out what happens when rain falls on your house, where it flows, and why it sometimes floods. Learn about rain garden landscaping – a new way of gardening that can help prevent flooding, restore a more natural water cycle, and enhance quality of life.

Helen Mills, founder of Toronto Green Community’s Lost Rivers program, will present the program with partners from RAINscapeTO, a new program to bring RAIN garden landscaping to Toronto. It is a collaborative project of Toronto Green Community and Lost Rivers in partnership with Miziwe Biik, Toronto Region Conservation Authority, and a network of Eco landscapers.

Co-sponsored by Our Fragile Planet, Jane/Dundas Library, Green 13 and Toronto Green Community.


A river is more than….

A river is more than just a blue line on a map – it is the visible manifestation of a whole matrix of ecosystems and food webs and the water cycle that makes it all possible.  In cities  we are now beginning to understand that we need to design the whole system better by learning from the way that natural systems work.  Exciting new technologies are emerging such as green roofs and living buildings that look at our built environment in a whole new way.  We may not be able to dig the Eaton Centre to get Taddle Creek back, but we can, as residents and neighbourhoods begin to change the fabric of the watershed one garden at a time.  If everyone with a lawn was able to install a rain garden or butterfly meadow in its place there would be a significant measurable impact on the amount of basement and overland flooding in the city.  We are so excited to be bringing you the free RAIN Garden Home Consultation Visit and subsidized installation service with our fantastic team of installers and green landscapers