Harvest Your Rain

Rain water is warmer, hasn’t been chlorine treated, and contains extra nutrients. It is free, and reduces your need for municipal water services.  These water services are very energy input intensive and will require significant capital upgrades in the near future unless we act on an homestead and community level.

Harvesting your own rain for use on the property is the best way for you to contributing to help solve fundamental issues about our relationship with the world.

When you collect rain water it has a multiplicity of benefits for your self sufficiency in being able to drink clean water, direct water to your food gardens that are supercharged with home grown goodness.  You can also soak the rain water (usually as an overflow from to the rain water tank) or to a naturalized area dedicated to pollinators, or to increase species diversity to Food Forests, intensive annual and other spaces.

Cisterns and rain barrels getting better and better – ideal if you want to Landscape with edibles and build self sufficiency


Build Self Sufficiency and Resilience

Water is the primary resource for life.   Ensure access to clean water for drinking or to hydrate your Food Forest based on Permaculture Design