Water Wise Gardening – Benefits

Rain Garden Landscaping Benefits

RAIN Garden Landscaping creates a beautiful water friendly landscape that meets your family’s needs and has a positive impact for neighbours, for the local watershed and for biodiversity. It is a great investment in the future, and will increase aesthetic appeal and add to your property value

RAIN Garden Landscaping can help address issues such as erosion, wet areas in the garden, steep slopes and difficult to mow places. We can also help you with mandatory downspout disconnects and identify the best solution for the water that comes off your roof.

Enjoy beautiful native plants that invite butterflies, pollinators and hummingbirds.

Native plants and wildlife evolved together in a perfect balance for our climate and rain fall amounts. Plant for your natural garden ecosystem and the butterflies, hummingbirds and pollinators will come.

Increase property values.

Property values generally increase with a RAIN friendly landscape – an investment that will pay dividends over time for nature and for the value and security of your home.



Connect with your neighbours

Connect with your neighbors and build community

Provide educational opportunities and transform local green spaces, create eco links, share seeds, tour other gardens and enjoy the harvest.  Get together with your neighbours and organize a rain garden barn storming day.   This maximizes the benefits for the watershed and minimizes the costs.  Plus it is a wonderful way to build community.  You can also do this with a local public space that is crying out for a makeover.

Enhance quality of life and well being

Enhance quality of life and well-being.

Diverse beautiful plantings will increase the beauty aesthetic appeal and enjoyment of your garden.  Whether you are designing with small children in mid or have pets, the garden can become a peaceful place of happiness and relaxation.


Contribute to Clean Water

Contribute towards clean water.

Rain gardens help reduce pollution at source and restore natural filtration of soil and vegetation.  This keeps water safer for swimming and fishing, and protects Lake Ontario – our drinking water source (GCC)


Harvest Your Rain

Rain water is warmer, hasn’t been chlorine treated, and contains extra nutrients. It is free, and reduces your need for municipal water services.  These water services are very energy input intensive and will require significant capital upgrades in the near future unless we act on an homestead and community level.

Help Solve Water Issues

Help solve water problems on your property

Rain Garden Landscaping strategies are designed to help with problems like

  • soil erosion,
  • basement flooding,
  • steep slopes,
  • wet and difficult to mow places.