About Us

We are members, staff and partners of the Toronto Green Community and are very passionate about co-creating a social enterprise that consults with homeowners and community groups to help install rain garden landscape solutions.

Our goals:

  • Increase neighbourhood watershed health, fostering greater resilience to climate change
  • Install gardens and landscape solutions that are more water cycle savvy
  • Develop cost effective designs to rain garden landscaping that integrate the most benefits to our community and to the ecosystem
  • Create lasting capacity for community of RainScaping action  ….
  • To liaise with  landscape firms in the industry to meet market demand for rain gardens and LID (Low impact development) solutions
  • Cultivate collective action on Harvesting Rain and Regenerating Edible Landscapes and Food Forests

Design Vision: please refer to  “All the worlds problems can be solved in a garden”  

“All the world’s problems can be solved in a garden.”   Nothing is more true about what we can do to clean up the water by consciously designing our relationship to water back into our lives.    By redirecting water into tanks and into the ground so it can be used to irrigate emerging food forests or pollinator gardens.

In addition, the rain garden and rain harvesting elements can be utilized in Element Analysis to see how a rain tank and its various attributes would affect other elements of the system.

If everyone with a lawn was able to install a rain garden or butterfly meadow in its place there would be a significant measurable impact on the amount of basement and overland flooding in the city.    We see rain garden landscaping as the essential element for any garden.    It is through the capture of energy (in the form of Rain) and slowing its flow to seep in gracefully into your Zone 1 around your homestead.   Zone 1 is the most intensively used area and is typically interplanted with perennial herbs, salad greens and activities on (a patio?) that happen everyday.

Our goal is to make rain garden landscaping as common as lawns are now.    Lawns although necessary in some occasions require substantial energy inputs for little to no energy return on investment.

By slowing the rain down from your roof and paved surfaces into a tank for potential potable or wicking beds with  overflow into a series of rain gardens to allow for low maintenance garden beds that can increase diversity of species, boost aesthetic (look amazing!) and provide a yield in the form of food, fuel, fibre, fun and farmaceuticals…

Rain harvesting and gardening awareness is at the forefront of how we can each easily make small investments of time and resources stack up for huge gains if we all do our part. Water is a primary element of Life, if we clean up our watersheds we can clean up what ails the world, one rainscaped garden at a time.  🙂