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RAINscapeTO is a social enterprise based in Toronto that offers eco-landscaping services with a focus on the installation of rain gardens and other beautiful sustainable landscapes.

Book a 45 min consultation to learn about the best options for your property and get a no-obligation quote. The cost of the consultation is $85 (HST inc),

which will be fully reimbursed if you hire us for any services (design, implementation, maintenance).

If this fee represents a barrier for you, let us know and we will decrease or waive it.


Since 2021, the City of Toronto has partnered with RAINscapeTO and Building Up in a new project to hire and train individuals experiencing barriers to employment for the maintenance of bio-swales, pollinator gardens and other green spaces that are critical to improve neighbourhoods’ climate resiliency and biodiversity. The pilot, called GreenForceTO, creates local green jobs in landscaping and property maintenance, builds employment skills, and aims to develop career pathways for community members. Visit www.toronto.ca/greenforceto for more information.

Wages to trainees

Trainees Employed

Garden consultations

Native Plants

Square Meters of Gardens

Beautiful Gardens

We focus on beautiful native plants that attract butterflies, pollinators and birds.  Your garden will have four season interest and will contribute to biodiversity.

Focused on You

We listen carefully to your preferences, needs and garden dreams. We then work with nature to provide a tailored solution for your lifestyle.

Inspired by Your Local Ecosystem

We bring our deep knowledge of regional ecosystems to develop a solution specifically adapted to your soil type, current plants and sun exposure.

Protect Your Property & Reduce Neighbourhood Flooding

Rain gardens help alleviate basement flooding, erosion, and local flooding issues.

Less Maintenance & Need to Water the Garden

 Native plants are adapted to the climate and rain gardens keep the moisture in your garden.

Indigenous Knowledge & Perspective

We value Indigenous knowledge and perspective towards our land and waters. Our Indigenous landscaping team fosters a relationship between green spaces and landscaping practices.

Increase Property Value & Curb Appeal

A beautiful and sustainable garden can add to the value of your house and enhance the neighbourhood.

Recharge Groundwater

Encouraging rainwater infiltration allows for the rejuvenation of our groundwater sources; an important supply of fresh and clean water.

Protect Rivers & Lakes

With a rain garden, storm water soaks into the ground instead of flowing over roads to pick up oil, gas, salt and heavy metals that end up in the rivers and lakes. 

Jose Torcal, Manager

Jose holds a Master in Civil Engineering and has over 8 years of experience working in urban sustainability and public space across 6 different countries. Jose is focused on supporting the global movement towards sustainable communities and has a strong commitment to collaborate across sectors and organizations to address climate change and improve our cities, starting from the community.

Prior to joining RAINscapeTO, Jose was a Program Manager in the Sustainable Neighbourhoods team at the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA).

René Fan, Project Manager

René is a landscape architect with a background in geography, environmental studies, and historic preservation. Originally from Calgary, she studied in Montreal and worked in New York before Toronto. She has experience with the assessment and repair of historic buildings, and the design and construction of landscapes and civic spaces.

She is very excited to be doing environmental work with RAINscapeTO and Building Up in partnership with the City of Toronto for the GreenForceTO pilot project. René is involved with the community garden at Eglinton Park managed by the TGC, as well as Lost Rivers, a program of the TGC exploring the waterways of Toronto, above ground and buried, and reviving connections to land, water, and settlement patterns.

Shadday Layne, GreenForceTO Eco - Landscaper

Shadday has always had an interest in the outdoor environments and the activities that come with them. That evolved from planting herbs and vegetables at home to planting various flowers/shrubs/trees in pollinator gardens. By immersing herself in this domain, she’s been able to find a passion for improving the environment not only in her community but within the city.

Shadday completed her 3-year program in Environmental Technology in 2021. From there, she began her journey with RAINscapeTO and GreenForceTO in the fall of 2021.

Michele Lonechild, RAINscapeTO Eco - Landscaper

Michele Lonechild is Nehiyaw (Plains Cree) and Anishinaabe (Ojibway). Her Spirit Name is Shining Woman and is Waabizheshi doodem (Marten Clan). Michele’s admiration to her First Nations lands instinctively influenced her to start indoor and balcony gardening when she moved to T:karonto so she could be surrounded by nature. Michele had experimented over a decade growing her favorite flowers first, then evolved into growing vegetables and fruits as well. Michele has successfully obtained her Garden Design certificate from George Brown before and throughout the pandemic and has proudly been with RainScapeTO since Spring 2022. 

Eco - Landscaping Crew

The landscaping crew is comprised of diverse BIPOC and Indigenous peoples of  Turtle Island (currently known as Canada). Our crew is of varying age, gender representation, status/ non-status Indigenous peoples. Each work season, we strive to offer cultural accommodations and resources.

As part of the Eco – Landscaping crew, we try to deepen our sense of community by integrating Indigenous protocol, teachings, and perspectives into our work. We get to nurture the land and waters, as well as our relationship with them, here on T:karonto territory to Wendat, the Haudenosaunee, the Anishinabek, the Mississaugas of the Credit and home to many other Indigenous peoples. Eco – Landscaping allows us as BIPOC and Indigenous peoples a chance to connect with the land in an urbanized setting and help mitigate the lack of biodiversity in urban ecosystems.

If you are interested in joining our Eco – Landscaping Crew, please send your cover letter and resume here.

Paula Messina, Human Resources Advisor

During her 30 years of working and volunteering in various roles with non-profit agencies,  Paula has always endeavoured to highlight the intersections between various issues, sectors,  and communities to help create meaningful connections and a common understanding that nurtures positive outcomes.  

Paula was introduced to the environmental movement during her 10 years at Greenpeace.  Since 2008, Paula has brought a Diversity & Inclusion lens to her grassroots, environmental work with the Toronto Green Community (TGC), adapting programs and approaches to better engage newcomers and racialized people. Paula expanded this lens to build a foundation of partnerships and employment opportunities for the Indigenous community, lending to the Indigenisation of TGC’s programs including Rivers Rising, Eglinton Park Community Garden programming, and the development of the social enterprise, RAINscapeTO.  

Amongst her varying volunteer roles, Paula served on the Board of Directors of a Settlement Services Agency for 11 years and is currently involved in Circles for Reconciliation. Her passion for the environment, human rights, social justice, and Indigenous Rights keeps her engaged in the community.

Helen Mills, Program Advisor

Helen has been involved with TGC since its inception, most specifically as a former board member, co-
developer of the Green Garden Visit, founding partner of Green Gardeners Community Collaborative sometimes referred to as GGCC.

With GGCC, a key player in the establishment of Eglinton Park Heritage Community Garden, and founder of Lost
Rivers, a project that connects people with the lost watersheds and water infrastructure of the city through walking tours, storytelling, eco-interventions, and online maps and information.

Helen is an independent landscape design consultant and garden educator who has been researching and building residential rain gardens since 2008. Helen has been and will continue to consult on the ongoing development of RAINscapeTO which was launched as a pilot program by TGC in 2016.


Land acknowledgement

We wish to acknowledge Toronto as a sacred gathering place for many people of Turtle Island. We recognize the long history of First Nations people in Ontario and show respect to the Wendat, the Haudenosaunee, the Anishinabek, and the Mississaugas of the Credit.The territory was the subject of the Dish With One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant, an agreement between the Iroquois Confederacy and the Ojibwe and allied nations to peaceably share and care for the resources around the Great Lakes. This territory is also covered by the Upper Canada Treaties.Today, Toronto is a home and meeting place for Indigenous people from across Turtle Island. We are grateful to be here.– Chi Miigwetch, Kinanaskomitin, Nia:wen, Maarsi, Yaw^ko, Tiawenhk.